February 12, 2009

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Property Performance with zero down payment option

Purchase Price $138,000

Owner Finance Opportunity:
10% down or $13,800
6.5% interest only, 3 years fixed

Prime +1 year 4 and 5.
60 month balloon. Refinance or Sell.
$16,000 rebate after closing

Bring your own lender:
Reduce 10% off the sales price.

Owner financed zero down option payment = $672/mo + (no mortgage insurance MI) + insurance + tax = $849/mo

Owner Occupant Payment Analysis = $899/mo with $4,350 down, FHA with MI, Outside Lender ——>

Investor Cash Flow Analysis on Pre-rented Property with Zero Down (owner financed)

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All figures are estimates. Rates are subject to daily market changes. Qualifications vary from lender to lender, owner financing qualifications are different from conventional lenders as well.

January 11, 2009

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New Construction, Bank Owned and Financed at low down

Total Down at closing = $2,000
$175,000 Price. Appraised $195,000.
Originally priced well above $200,000
Builder could not sell in time before the bank took them back. Now the bank wants to finance for you, Owner or Investor, for $2000 down.
Located on a quiet street in Atlanta Metro, Georgia.
These are big 2000+ square feet, 5 bedroom, 3 bath houses.
Complete move in ready, blinds, fridge, landscaping.
If you want to rent it out, or rent it, the market rent is $1200.
2 Homes just like this are rented for $1200 in the neighborhood.
The Mortgage payment will be $948 for the next 3 years.

If you live in Atlanta, you know about the wonderful reasons to live there.
Which is why over 1 million people have moved there in the last 7 years.
The most growth for any city in the US during the same time.